SET INTEGRATIVE is the strategic partner in marketing execution for companies searching consistent, agile and effective brand communication.

Applying an integrative vision of the whole chain, SET connects the challenges and needs of clients with the best suppliers and solutions through the expertise of its professionals and a deep understanding of Brazilian Market.

With tools that provide transparent and colaborative management, the end result of SET’s work is the optimization of resources and maximum efficiency in processes while ensuring the correct execution of its client’s marketing strategies.


Founder and CEO

Eduardo Paschoa is the founder and CEO at SET INTEGRATIVE and works at the outsourcing of Marketing processes and the application of a new integrative view of the supply chain and services.

With extensive experience in marketing and print management, his professional career is marked by the constant pursuit for knowledge and the application of international trends in Brazil, always aiming at contributing to the continuous technical improvement of the Market and promoting the connection and interdependence between the different players in the chain.

As a manager he was in charge of the graphic production structuring at ABN AMRO Real and Santander, leading high impact projects such as the use of recycled paper in all marketing materials and security printouts of the bank. Previously he acted in ad agencies and was a Professor at the post-graduate course in advertising and marketing at ESPM.

To develop the new business model in print management and marketing execution in Brazil, Eduardo has travelled through Germany, England and the United States until making SET Integrative a reality in the Brazilian Market.

Operations Director

Eliana Barros has been working for 30 years in graphic production in important communication agencies, POS, packaging and special projects productions for retail and servicing big players in the Market like Asics, Adidas, Lupo, Syngenta and Bradesco.

As a manager, she was responsible for the implementation of operations processes in graphic production searching for new technologies and processes aimed at helping the creation department in enabling their projects.

Quality / Innovation Director

Edson Okuda has been working in the printing business for 34 years in areas such as prepress, development and implementation of new technologies applied to graphic processes, quality and process control management in offset and digital printshops, color management as well as system development and implementation.

His endless curiosity has led him to research and implement transformations that brought innovation and substancial improvements in productive processes in printshops like Burti, Takano and Litokromia, where he accomplished practical application of concepts that represented sensitive improvements in quality, huge reductions in cost and time at the productive chains.

For the last 8 years he has been dedicating himself to activities such as assessment, design and implementation of an ad delivery system, implementation and management of a B2B marketing materials production system, ERP systems to print businesses, systems for ad agencies and for the Educational Market.

At SET Integrative he contributes with his expertise in quality and processes and in research for innovations that may contribute to achieving the client’s marketing goals.